Tart Starter kit
Tart Starter kit
Tart Starter kit

Tart Starter kit

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Tart Starter Sets are for the people who want to try tart warmers or who have already tried them and love them. They are a good way to experience the candles without as much worry about soot or smoke because instead of a large wick candle it is a tiny tealight that heats the top of the warmer to melt the wax tart sitting on top. The color/style of the box containing your set will vary by availability.  The kits come in three sizes:

  • Small which comes with a very small ceramic warmer (color varies), 3 tealights, and one bag of tarts(in your choice of scent and color). This is the perfect sized kit if you have never tried a warmer before and want to check it out. It is also an excellent size for a smaller room like a bathroom.
  • Medium which comes with a medium black metal warmer,5 tealights, and two bags of tarts(in your choice of scent).
  • Large which comes with a large ceramic warmer (color varies) , 7 tea lights, one bag of tarts (in your choice of scent and color), and one tart clamshell that contains 6 break away squares(in your choice of scent and color).

To clean you can use a paper towel to wipe out the bowl of the warmer while it is still slightly warm or once it is completely cooled, pop out the excess wax and use soap and water to clean the bowl.

If you are interested in a Holiday scent or one of our retiring scents, check out our Entire Scent List and find those scents listed at the bottom. Choose "other" from the dropdown menu and in the "notes to seller" section let us know which scent you would like. Retiring scents are limited quantity, so if you choose one of those, we will contact you with confirmation we still have the scent, otherwise we will request you choose a different scent.

As with all our candles, if you wish to order a special customization beyond what is listed, please contact us directly and we will do our best to work with you.


About Our Candles:

All of our containers are reusable as wineglasses, mugs, candy dishes, etc. The wax and oils will easily wash out with hot water and dish soap. We recommend you hand wash all containers before putting them in a dishwasher. The wick base can be removed by pouring hot water into the container. When the glue softens, use a pair of pliers to simply pop it out (do not use your hands!).  DO NOT MICROWAVE TO MELT THE GLUE, THE BASE IS MADE OF METAL!

All of our candles are made with top of the line, all-natural soy wax and skin safe oils. We use zinc-free, eco-friendly braided cotton wicks to give you a significantly reduced afterglow and a much cleaner burn. This in combination with the soy wax results in less soot and smoke from your candle.

Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch. We recommend no candle be left unattended for extended periods of time or around children. No candle should be burned for more than 4 hours at a time. The wax in the candle should be allowed to cool before burning again.

For more information, feel free to check out Soy Candle FAQ.


Shipping will include tracking and insurance on all packages, as this is a breakable product.

All of our candles have a 3-5-day time between when they are ordered and when they will ship. This is because all of our products are handmade, custom for your order. We appreciate your understanding and we will let you know as soon as your item or items ship.

Due to the fact that candle wax can melt, please be sure in the hot summer months to have someone there to receive your packages when delivered or have them held at the Post Office for pick up.

We ship all our products with care and lots of packing materials, but sometimes things can happen in transit. If there is a problem with your product when you receive it, please contact us immediately.